Secured Bad Credit Loans

Secured bad credit loansA secured loan is simply a loan that uses your home or similar assets as security against the loan.

Having collateral – something tangible to secure a loan – makes it much simpler to get the cash needed.  Lenders are protected.

If you have items of value, you may use them as collateral to secure the cash you need. Your asset will become the property of the lender if the loan is defaulted.

The Direct Bad Credit Loans specialize in sourcing and arranging secured bad credit loans.

We have years of experience in assisting people with bad credit. Our bad credit loan services include:

* Bad credit car loans

* Bad credit home loans

* Bad credit payday loans

* Secured bad credit loans

* Unsecured bad credit loans

* Getting a loan with bad credit

* Loans for people with bad credit

Our decision making process isn’t solely based on a credit score. Because there is security for the loan, we can look at each application individually to try and find a way to help, and we never charge any up-front fees.

As a loan broker, we can shop around our panel of lenders for you to find the loan we believe to be right for you. Most of our lenders don’t advertise directly, they only deal through loan brokers like Direct Bad Credit Loans and they do stringent checks on us before they allow us to arrange loans on their behalf.

Advantages of our secured bad credit loans are:

*          Fast approval response

*          Easy loan process

*          Lowest possible interest rate

*          100% Guaranteed Approval

*          Loans for all credit scores

Seeking a secured loan with a bad credit score is often the best way to help lock in the most preferred interest rates. Regular bank loans will often charge a high interest rate in order to cover their risk, but a secured loan works differently and can be less expensive.

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